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mt ex sapporo

東京・早稲田、京都に続いて、札幌で開催した『mt ex展』。空間演出の素材としてmtを活用しつつ、様々なサイズの箱を壁に取り付け、それを什器とし、mt全ラインナップを始め、展示会場限定のmtなどが購入できる期間限定ショップを開きました。

This is a limited promotional shop to present the MT masking tape’s new collection. They are already popular as stationary in Japan, client wanted to show another aspect of them as an interior material. To show the purpose clearly and intriguingly, I wrapped everything in the Gallery by MT’s. I put many boxes on the wall rhythmically to show the new collections nicely. I also designed light boxes covered by them and provide an opportunity to see the beautiful light through them. As a result, we had better-than-expected visitors and client successfully expanded their customer base.

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