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mt ex kyoto

東京・早稲田に続き『mt ex(エムティーエックス)』展を京都にて開催しました。展示会場は廃校となっている立誠小学校。時を経た魅力ある空間と商品のそれぞれが際立つ展示とショップを展開。動線上にある中庭とピロティにはmtを使った光のキューブを設置するなど、校舎の構成を生かしたインスタレーションを行いました。期間中は多くの来場者が詰めかけ、限定商品の多くが完売するなど、ファン層の拡大に繋がる結果を残しました。

This is a promotional event to present the MT masking tape’s new collection. They are already popular as stationary in Japan, Client wanted to show another aspect of them as an interior material. The event was in Kyoto, I selected the space carefully and chose a beautifully conserved abolished school. I wrapped everything in the spaces where we are allowed to use by MT’s. I also designed big light boxes covered by them and provide an opportunity to see the beautiful light through them. As a result, we had better-than-expected visitors and client successfully expanded their customer base.

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