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mt train

mt ex 広島展を告知するための電車ジャック。展示会場までの主要交通機関である電車内の隅々にまでマスキングテープを貼り、車内吊りには実物のマスキングテープを吊り下げるなどして、展示への興味を喚起するよう、車内空間を仕立て、会場に誘導するべく告知を展開しました。

Although Masking Tapes are usually used as a curing tape in construction site, ‘mt’ masking tapes are popular as household goods and explore new markets. Because of their wide range of colors and patterns, customers enjoy using them for wrapping, interior decoration and art works. MT masking tape’s promotional limited exhibition called ‘mt ex’ travels Japan, this time it was held in Hiroshima. The tram runs between Hiroshima main station and the exhibition space. I planned to hijack the tram and covered them by mt masking tapes so that not only the customers, but also the passengers who do not know about mt can be led to the exhibition.

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