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mt ex hiroshima

広島で開催した『mt ex展』。広島港〜安芸小富士が臨める会場と、港に接する広大なデッキにテープを貼り、瀬戸内海に面した環境が際立つ会場に仕立てました。mtを使った空間へのアプローチをより強くアピールしました。

Although Masking Tapes are usually used as a curing tape in construction site, ‘mt’ masking tapes are popular ashousehold goods and explore new markets. Because of their wide range of colors and patterns, customers enjoy using them for wrapping, interior decoration and art works. MT masking tape’s promotional limited exhibition called ‘mt ex’ travels Japan, this time it was held in Hiroshima. The location was on the seafront, I tried to design the space to welcome customers who use the harbor. I taped ‘mt’ on the deck in front of the shop and covered the massive space with colored stripe. This approach succeed to exhibit customers the mt’s new possibility. I also covered the wall by mt’s new collection, so that customers are able to browse them and chose the tapes easily.

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